Meeting World Standards

If a product is standard, it wins the consumer’s trust and creates motivation for production for the real manufacturer of the product. Hypnose has always tried to manufacture products with the highest quality which meet the world standards. This task has been fulfilled only with hard work, extensive study and tests which have been performed with precision for each product. Since the manufacture is actually based on local production and Iranian production idea and the standards are arranged based on the local needs while the standards of foreign countries and neighboring markets have not been considered, the Iranian product has always had shortcomings in competition with the foreign goods. In its standardization process, Hypnose has tried to use indices such as ECONLIB ranking to manufacture a standard product. Hypnose has used the experience of developed countries in the bedding industry. Competitive quality, use of the best type of materials in the production process, varied and consistent color schemes, defined sizes and special after-sale services are among the distinctive characteristics of the products manufactured by Hypnose Industrial Group. Yet, this is not the end of the path. We are constantly seeking to improve the level of quality of the products. In this path, the comments and suggestions given by the customers and users of Hypnose’s products can be mentioned as the most important guide for better production.

High Quality

Quality is one of the characteristics that have introduced Hypnose Industrial Group as a pioneer group among the bedding manufacturers. The quality of goods indicates the ability and properties of the goods to fulfill the intended tasks. Quality encompasses characteristics such as durability or strength, reliability, precision, performance quality, conformity quality and other valuable features of the goods. It is possible to practically measure some of these characteristics. However, in marketing, quality is measured based on the buyers’ impressions. Garvin presents certain factors for quality which include: performance (initial production characteristics of the product), features (secondary aspects of performance), conformity, durability, aesthetics (taste aspect of quality), understandability and reliability quality of the product. Applying these factors as its criteria and using materials with the best quality, Hypnose has always managed to win the customers’ trust regarding the quality of goods. In this path, the R & D team of Hypnose has played a fundamental role in this process. Using the state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment while considering the customers’ suggestions, this Group has always sought to increase and improve the products manufactured by this industrial group. Based on the customers’ orders and market demands, Hypnose has always kept the quality of its products at a high and acceptable level because it believes that trust and popularity among the consumers form the most important achievement for which one should work hard.


Customer Orientation

The most important and effective principle in keeping customers satisfied is respect. Basically, we all like to be respected and this desire becomes greater when we are in the place of a customer. It is natural that higher respect for the customers gives them satisfaction and pleasure while their repeated purchase is the sign of gratitude and loyalty to you. The most important factor in making customers loyal and causing their purchase to be repeated is the quality of the products and services. A low quality of the goods and services will definitely be unbearable for the customers. In order to keep the customers, Hypnose has put greater emphasis on keeping the quality of its products and services and if the customer is not satisfied enough with the quality of the goods or products, it will pursue to compensate and achieve its customers’ satisfaction in the best way possible. When coming to you, customers expect you to provide them will all the goods and services they need. This characteristic creates a feeling of assurance and peace towards you in the customers’ minds. Therefore, Hypnose Industrial Group has tried to supply a full spectrum of products and services so that fewer customers face a negative response about supply of the goods they need. Receiving the services in the shortest time possible is one of the major demands of customers. As a result, designing a proper system and work flow in which you can respond to the customers’ demands with precision and high speed is of great importance. Hypnose Group has provided the manpower and facilities required for increasing the speed and precision in rendering the services so that it can always achieve the customers’ satisfaction.

After-sale Services

Hypnose Industrial Group has provided after-sale services to maximize customers’ satisfaction. After-sale services for the mattresses manufactured by Hypnose can be rendered through the valid warranty card received. The period of time announced for after-sale services of each mattress is half warranty and half guarantee.

Warranty Conditions: The mattress will be replaced free of charge if there is any technical problem.

Guarantee Conditions: The mattress will be returned to the factory and delivered to the customer after repair free of charge if there is any technical problem.

Cases not included in warranty:

  • Damage due to improper transportation and handling
  • Damage to the springs as a result of heavy objects
  • Tear in the mattress cover as a result of impact of sharp and cutting objects
  • Placing heating devices such as an iron, etc. on the mattress
  • Placing the mattress on non-uniform and rough (netted or fenced) surfaces
  • Choosing the wrong size of mattress for the bed
  • Dirty or stained mattress as a result of improper maintenance or transportation

High Speed in Delivery of Goods

One of the most important and effective factors in purchase is the speed in delivery of goods and services. Customers like to receive their intended products and services in the shortest time possible. In fact, the customer is the focus of attention and expects that not only the product but also the delivery conditions be according to their demand. Management of sending the customers’ orders in the shortest time possible is a facility that is always sought to be realized by Hypnose Industrial Group as one of its liabilities to its customers. The issue of speed in delivery of goods is important both for the customers and Hypnose Industrial Group. Calculation of the time need for sending the goods and announcing it to the customer is considered a competitive advantage. The peace of mind given to the customer by this information can change them to a loyal customer. Using the smart delivery system that has been provided for this important task, Hypnose has tried to make it possible to deliver the goods one the same day of registration of the order in Tehran and deliver the goods on the day after registration of the order in other provinces. It is clear that Hypnose has always tried to shorten this time as much as possible. In this path, the comments and suggestions given by our dear customers can help us in improving and facilitating this path because we believe that we should do our utmost in customer orientation and achieving the customers’ satisfaction.

Varity in Production

Offering varied products in the bedding world, Hypnose Industrial Group as succeeded in introducing itself as a pioneer group in this field. This procedure was in such way that at first, we started with knitting patterns on the cloth by the latest modern machinery in order to understand and study the consumer market and manufacturers and we tried to offer the best products in this field. In the next step, we moved towards manufacturing light goods in the bedding world such as pillows, quilts and travel mattresses. After gaining experience in this field, we manufactured mattresses with the basic qualities. Since these goods were received well, we were encouraged to plan the manufacturing of mattresses with higher technologies and different features for different tastes. Manufacturing of 16 types of mattress in 5 standard sizes and also designs and sizes order by customers, different types of travel mattress such as circular knit and flat knit and other varied designs, 5 fixed types of pillow and the capacity to design and manufacture different types of pillow in the infinite bedding world and other products such as the mattress protector and quilt which enjoy a unique variety and beauty can be mentioned as only a part of the varied products Hypnose Industrial Group. Today, we thank God that we manufacture and distribute a wide spectrum of the bedding goods needed and liked by the people of our country according to the highest standards of the world as a result of the hard work of our personnel most of whom have accompanied us from the first years of our activity.

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