Bounce Mattress

Beautiful Design, Classic & Economic

Mattress Height: 24 cm (+1)

with Puffy Cloth & Beautiful Embroidery

Weight Tolerance: up to 60 kg

Features of Bounce Mattress

The central core of Bounce mattress consists of an integrated inter-connected structure with numerous rows made of a 2.2-mm high-carbon wire. In order to provide comfort and make the mattress cover beautiful, layers of thermal fuses and sponges with different densities are arranged on the central core. This beauty is completed by embroidery in the final step of production. Since this mattress tolerates maximum 60 kg of weight, it is suitable for light weighted people, especially adolescents. The height of this mattress is 24 cm (+1).  

Beautiful Design

Layers of thermal fuses and sponges with different densities arranged on the central core are covered with a puffy cloth so that they add to the beauty of the mattress in addition to making it comfortable.


Bounce mattress is among the basic and economic products of Hypnose Industrial Group and it is still considered and liked by the buyers in its many years of being in use.


Bounce mattress has a rather reasonable price. This mattress can be used in households, workshops and villas because of its special and economic design.

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