Best Position during Sleep

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The body’s position during sleep can affect not only on the quality of sleep, but also on one’s the overall health. These effects can potentially cause neck pain, backache, exhaustion of the body, snoring, spasm, blood circulation problem, headache, cardiac problems, pain in the stomach and also early wrinkles. 

What is the best sleeping position?                  

Sleeping on the Back (Supine)

Although this sleeping position is not very popular among the people and only 8 percent of the people are used to this sleeping position, it is considered the best and most proper sleeping position. Sleeping on the back lets the head, neck and spine be placed in their natural position. This means that there is no added pressure on the named parts of the body. Sleeping on the back is also the best position to prevent from acid reflux. However, you should make sure that the pillow properly prevents from this. In other words, the pillow should be so high as to prevent from acid and food reflux and from the mouth. Nonetheless, this position may not be a good option for those with respiratory problems or snoring problems.

Sleeping on One Side

This sleeping position helps reduce secretion of the gastric acid and acid reflux, especially when the legs and upper body are in one alignment. In this position, if your spine is in one alignment and in a straight position, it prevents from backache and neck pain. Furthermore, side sleeping decreases snoring because the exhalation airway is kept open in this position. Therefore, this sleeping position is considered as one of the suitable positions and it is popular among about 15 percent of the people. However, the unsaid point is that this position increases facial wrinkles because one side of the face always under the pressure from the pillow.

Sleeping in Fetal Position

41 percent of the people choose this position which is known as the most popular sleeping position. Sleeping in fetal position on the left upper body in such a way that the upper body is curled inside and you have bent your knees towards your belly is the best type of sleeping for pregnancy. The reason why this position is suitable for pregnancy is that the in this position, the blood circulation is improved in the body of the pregnant woman and fetus and the pressure on the liver is prevented. This position is also suggested to the people who snore. However, this sleeping position can cause breathing problems when the fetus has grown.

Sleeping on the Belly

Although this sleeping position is suitable for snoring, it can be harmful for any other condition. 7 percent of the people sleep this way. Since the spine is out of its natural state, it causes pain in the back and neck. On the other hand, people who sleep in this position increase the pressure on their muscles and this is a cause for numbness, burn, pain and of the nerves. If you can’t change your sleeping position from this position, try to put your forehead on the pillow instead of turning your face for breathing and make way for breathing while your face is in the same alignment as your body.

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