Change your bedroom to a dreamy place for sleep.

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Making a Tranquil & Comfortable Space with Some Simple Movements

Interior Design of the Room

The place of sleep is highly important for those who look for a way to improve the quality of their sleep. Large hotels are aware of this importance and that’s why they use soft and neutral colors for the furniture and heavy and thick curtains in the interior design of the rooms. Color, temperature, noise, cloth textures, light, etc. are the variables that when combined together, they can determine the degree of comfort for your sleep. But you don’t have the budget that large hotels have? Don’t worry. Changing the bedroom by the best method and according to one’s personal taste doesn’t need major changes in the decoration. You can change the room’s atmosphere to a tranquil and pleasing place only by some simple displacements.

Choosing the right mattress

In the technology era, we are very lucky that we can choose among varied options for a mattress. Mattresses with many properties which are designed appropriate to our taste and need so that we can have a comfortable sleep. Smart mattresses can change according to the body’s weight conditions and prevent from heating. In order to improve the quality of your sleep, choose a soft and delicate mattress. Also, look for peaceful colors in the mattress design.

Choosing a curtain that blocks light

One of the main obstacles for proper sleep is light. This light may be from inside the house (hallway lamp, indicator light of the computer monitor or keyboard, etc.) or from outside of the house (street lamp, car lamps, etc.). Solve this problem immediately. Be careful to choose a large enough curtain so that you are sure that any light can’t pass from around the curtain. Preventing from passage of light from outside the room and creating a dark space for sleep is very suitable especially for those who need to rest during the day because of their working conditions.

Keep the room temperature low

A proper temperature can be different for each person and in different circumstances. However, the temperature that is suitable for most people is about 60 to 67 °F or 15 to 20 °C. Try to keep the room temperature in this limit. For the temperature conditions where you can leave the room window open, make sure to put a blanket at the bottom of the bed so that you can use it at midnight because of temperature drop.

Choose a proper pillow

Nowadays, we can choose a wide spectrum of pillows. Short pillow, tall pillow, soft pillow, firm pillow, etc. but choosing the type of pillow depends on the person’s sleep position. People who are used to sleeping on their belly usually prefer short pillows for sleep. If you are used to sleep in a supine position (sleeping on your back), use a pillow with a suitable height (that can make a proper angel between your head and neck). Also, the lower one third of this pillow should be thicker to provide the necessary protection from the neck. It is better that those who like to sleep on their back consider a pillow with memory foam because this type of pillow provides a proper formability property in the head and neck and gifts you with a comfortable sleep. Also, people with wider shoulders can use wider pillows to cover the entire width of the shoulder.

Remove the electronic devices from the room

Presence of electronic devices in the room encourages one to use them and can make you spend long hours on using these devices and thus, reducing the duration and quality of sleep. Also, another reason is the blue light which is usually emanated from these devices and disturbs one’s sleep.

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