The aim wasn’t to arrive fast but to be on time.

Hypnose is the name that was established by this Group in the field of bedding goods production in 2009 by the permit of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. Considering the individual activity of this Group’s members in the textile industry, it was decided to take gradual and constant steps on the path of production of high-quality products that Iran and Iranians deserve.

How did Hypnose become a popular name among customers?

First, we tried to start with the most basic goods and thus, we started with knitting patterns cloth by the latest modern machinery to understand and study the consumer market and manufacturers and we tried to offer the best products in this field. In the next step, we moved towards manufacturing light goods in the bedding world such as pillows, quilts and travel mattresses. After gaining experience in this field, we manufactured mattresses with the basic qualities. Since these goods were received well, we were encouraged to plan the manufacturing of mattresses with higher technologies and different features for different tastes. This became possible by using advanced machinery and experienced personnel. Today, we thank God that we manufacture and distribute a wide spectrum of the bedding goods needed and liked by the people of our country according to the highest standards of the world as a result of the hard work of our personnel most of whom have accompanied us from the first years of our activity.


Relying on continuous and precise research, Hypnose Industrial Group has always tried to manufacture and develop the best and most varied type of products in the local and international market.

Path of Progress

In the years of its presence in the bedding industry, Hypnose managed to introduce itself as one of the pioneer manufacturers of luxury bedding goods in this industry.


Knitting patterns on cloth by the latest modern machinery to understand and study the consumer market and manufacturers was the first presence and beginning of activity of Hypnose in the bedding industry.

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