oxygen pedic

Oxygen Bounce Mattress

 New, beautiful and economical design

Applicable for people weighing up to 80 kg to 90 kg

Suitable for homes, workshops and villas

Mattress height: 24 cm (1 ±)

What are the technical specifications and characteristics of the oxygen bans mattress?

The oxygen bounce mattress is similar to the bounce mattress, except that the reinforced skeleton is used in its structure to carry more weight. Layers of thermofuses and sponges of varying density are arranged on the central core, which is coated with a lightweight cloth to give a comfortable mattress surface in addition to comfort. This beauty is complemented by the embroidered role in the final stage of the production process. Also on the wall of the mattress is used spacer tape, which in addition to make the mattress more beautiful, it allows air circulation. The mattress can handle up to 80 kg to 90 kg. The height of this mattress is 24 cm (1%).


Layers of thermofuses and sponges of varying densities are arranged on the central core, coated with adhesive fabric, to give the mattress surface a comfortable appearance.

New Design

Hypnosis oxygen mattress is one of the new and economical products of Hypnosis Manufacturing Group which in addition to its beauty is technically upgraded.


Oxygen mats have a relatively good price. This mattress can be used in homes, workshops and villas due to its special and economical design.

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