Kangaroo pillow

The Kangaroo pillow is made entirely of Anti-transpirationand breathable fabric. The fibers used in this pillow are micro fiber which is very soft and antibacterial. The pillow is made up of three parts, which can be divided into two pillows and a small cushion. Features of this pillow include the ability to adjust the height of the head, which makes it easy to sleep for any taste.

Anti-stress Pillow

Anti-stress pillow is manufactured with a special fabric made of micro thread which provides softness and delicacy and prevents from friction with the sheets and pillow case. The fibers used for this type of pillow are from micro or 0.68 denier type. Also, the spacer cloth causes ventilation and thus, cooling of the pillow. Anti-stress pillow is designed in such a way that the capillary and very delicate strands of the fibers can slide on each other. This property reduces the density of the fibers and results in less pressure on the neck in proportion to the weight of the head and neck.

Cold & Hot Pillow

This pillow has two different properties on its two sides. On the side that is 100% made of natural cotton cloth, it is quilted with a layer of anti-sensitivity fibers for hot summer days and on the other side, a polished and warm cloth is used for cold winter days. The fibers used in this pillow are from 0.68 denier micro Korean type which protects the head and neck and absorbs the pressure from the neck vertebrae and transfers it to the pillow.

Cotton Pillow

This pillow is manufactured with a 100% cotton and anti-sweat cloth and the floral embroidered patterns make it even more beautiful. The fibers filled into this type of pillow are micro fibers which make it more comfortable.

Seersucker Pillow

This pillow with hollow virgin fibers and striped cover is an economic and cost-effective pillow and it is of high durability while being comfortable and fully washable.

Memory Foam or Orthopedic Pillow

Properties of this pillow:

  • Effective in the pressure on the neck vertebrae and upper part of the spine
  • Keeping the natural curve of the spine and vertebrae
  • Facilitating the blood circulation in the head and neck
  • Placing the head and spine in the same alignment
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