Quilt is one of the classic and popular products of Hypnose Industrial Group. The quilt manufactured by Hypnose Industrial Group is composed of discontinuous HCS hollow virgin fibers and continuous HCS hollow virgin fibers with the highest quality and a cover made of 100% cotton fabrics. The cotton fabrics used for manufacturing of the quilt have anti-sensitivity and anti-sweat properties which provide you with the possibility of a peaceful healthy sleep. This Group is able to create an extensive spectrum of quilts with varied and beautiful designs which match the customers’ tastes and can be ordered in the sizes 160 x 220 cm, 200 x 220 cm, 240 x 220 cm and other sizes. Different types of quilt manufactured in Hypnose Industrial Group are washable. It is recommended that pure water without any washing powder and liquid with the temperature of about 30 to 35 °C be used for washing the quilt.

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