How can lack of sleep affect your mind and body?

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If you think that you can omit a part of the sleep you need so that you can add to you waking and useful hours, you are totally wrong. In fact, inadequate sleep can have negative effects on your time in other ways. Proper and adequate sleep provides your body and mind with the opportunity to recuperate and refresh and this will help improve your performance during the day. Here, we mention realities and problems caused for your body as a result of lack of sleep.

Your mind won’t work appropriately.

Sleep is very vital for formation and registration of the memories and information and it is very effective in their retrieval when you are awake. Also, when you are tired, concentration and learning new things is very difficult. These deficiencies may cause problem to your creativity and ability in decision making or problem solving or to your work performance.

It disturbs your mood.

Proper sleep helps improve your temper. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will change into a bad-tempered, anxious and constantly sad person. Lack of sleep also makes you very irritable and peevish and you won’t show a proper performance when faced with stress.

It slows down your reactions to a great extent.

Only 19 hours of sleeplessness is enough to have a great impact on your reactions for example in a bar examination or biking. It will be as if you are drunk and you have lost your consciousness. Lack of sleep can definitely be dangerous for you when driving and it will seriously decrease your reactions in important decisions in other matters.

It will have bad effects on your appearance.

If you experience lack of sleep constantly and you don’t get enough sleep, the wrinkles on your face will increase. Cortisol which is the hormone connected with stress is secreted at times of lack of sleep and can destroy collagen which makes the skin smooth.

It causes cardiac disorders.

Sleeping for less than 6 hours at night involves the risk of raising the blood pressure and it is very dangerous for the people with high blood pressure. Also, in the course of time, sleeplessness and lack of sleep cause cardiovascular diseases.

It increases your appetite immeasurably.    

When you don’t get enough sleep, you may feel a sense of hunger more than normal and specially use high-fat and high-carb foods. Your body’s signals which are sent to your brain at the time of fullness will become disturbed and you will have abnormally high appetite. This problem will cause unwanted weight gain.

It will cause problems for your immune system.

When you are tired or you deprive yourself of adequate sleep, your immune system will be disrupted and it will become very vulnerable to all types of diseases such as the flu, cold and other infectious diseases. Also, your body will show little resistance against wounds and effects of diseases and if you get sick, your recovery will take longer than usual.

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