Meditation Mattress

A Distinctive Offer by Hypnose Industrial Group

Mattress Height: 30 cm (+2)

with Gel Memory Foam with Heat Removal Property

Weight Tolerance: No Limit

What are the technical specifications and features of Meditation mattress?

Having a central core made of a micro-pocket spring, Meditation mattress is one of the very modern and advanced products of Hypnose Company which is manufactured with numerous springs: 697 springs in size 90, 984 in size 120, 1148 in size 140, 1312 in size 160, 1517 in size 180. One of the unique features of the pocket spring structure is that it moves the heavy parts of the body such as the belly, pelvis and thighs more than the lighter parts so that the user’s spine is placed in a steady condition.

Furthermore, it doesn’t transfer movement from one side of the mattress to the other side. The cloth of Meditation mattress has a simple but beautiful design from the circular knit fabric which makes breathing possible for the mattress. Having a layer of gel memory foam with the thickness of 2 cm, this cloth has quilted patterns. A piece of gel memory foam with the density of 50 kg and thickness of 4 cm has been placed underneath the cloth so that immediately after lying down, the body reaches the gel memory foam. Among the properties of the gel memory foam are its coolness and flexibility. This flexibility lets the mattress shape into the body’s form. Thermal fuses and sponges with different densities are spread underneath the gel memory foam layers to make a more comfortable sleep. On the other side of the mattress, different layers of thermal fuse and sponge with different densities are used.

Note: Meditation mattress can be used only from one side in which the gel memory foam is used. Having a height of 30 cm (+2), this mattress is considered as one of the padded mattresses.


Use of a circular knit cloth in Meditation mattress with the pores in its warp and woof lets the air flow easily in the layers of the mattress and thus, prevents from growth of bacteria and different types of microbes.


Super Smart

The central core of Meditation mattress is made of a micro-pocket spring which consists of separate springs and is highly smart and takes the shape of any part of the body.


Heat Removal

In the manufacturing process of Meditation mattress, a gel memory foam with the density of 50 kg/m3 and thickness of 4 cm with the property of cooling and heat removal has been used.


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