Silver Mattress

Take two mattresses home by buying one!

Weight Tolerance: up to 100 kg

With Two Pads on Both Sides

Mattress Height: 31 cm (+2)

What are the technical specifications and features of Silver mattress?

The central core of Silver mattress is made of inter-connected springs with a small opening diameter. The small diameter results in tolerance of heavy weights and long life of the mattress. The wire used in this model is high-carbon and its thickness is 2.2 mm. The number of springs is 299 in size 90, 414 in size 120, 552 in size 160 and 621 in size 180. This set of springs is fastened by a frame made of 4-mm wire. A sponge with the density of 25 kg/m3 strengthens the walls of the mattress to create more consistency and integration in its structure. Since this mattress is padded on both sides, both sides can be used with a similar feeling. Pads provide greater comfort during sleep. The cloth used in this mattress is circular knit which prevents from sweat. The height of this mattress is 31 cm (+2).

Different Design

Silver mattress is from the double-padded mattresses which have a similar pad on both of their sides. This feature makes it possible to use both sides of the mattress as a padded mattress.


Since Silver mattress is double-padded, both of its sides can be used with similar feeling. Pads provide greater comfort during sleep.


Use of the circular knit cloth and numerous rows of framed high-carbon springs together with the sponge for the walls has given Silver mattress high durability and quality in addition to beauty.

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